Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Goals...

The reason for starting this blog is to motivate myself to take pictures during the long cold winter months. I am really good during the spring, summer and fall but aside from Christmas I rarely take out my camera during the winter. One of the reasons for this is that my house is rather dark and my pictures are always yellow from the lights. Up until now I have just been too lazy to try to figure out how to take good pictures inside so I just didn't. So my goal is to take one picture a day. Now I am a realist (although my husband would say pessimist:) and I know I will miss a few days here and there. Sometimes life just happens.
Although my main goal is to learn to take better pictures inside my home I also want to work on furthering my skills as a wannabe photographer. So I will also be working on composition, focus, white balance etc.
I think it would be boring if I was just doing this by myself so the more people who contribute the more fun it will be. I love seeing other people's take on different subjects because no one sees the same thing the same way.
Ideally I would like to have a different theme every week. You can post a pic every day, once a week or whenever you feel creative! I would love constructive criticism (cc) on my photos but if you just want to post for fun that is ok too. I'm thinking (if I can figure it out) that I will just make a gadget on the side with a list of themes and you can add any ideas you have to it. I'm not very good at this blogger thing so if you have suggestions to make it better please let me know.

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