Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bubble Overload

This kid is always busy. I like his eyes in the reflection. And he's concentrating so hard - look at his tongue!

Everything is a contest at our house. Even playing with rubber duckies.

Is he really eating bubbles? I didn't notice at the time. Augh. At least it's cute.

Just a good action shot.  As always, I had super fun subjects. I wish my camera was as good. =o)  


Sharon said...

Cute shots! Bubble baths are the best! I love the reflection in the first one too:) Bubbles must not taste as bad as I would think because he sure looks happy! I don't think that is the face I would be making if I were eating bubbles!! Nice action shot too:)

Amber Carter said...

I love that all the bath time posts have rubber duckies. Bath time pictures aren't complete without them. :)