Monday, January 24, 2011

Action/Motion Week

A little bright maybe? I don't know what my settings were. Amateur here! I'm learning.

Obviously this is from the summer. I stare at it a lot. I wish the flowers weren't blurred - I assume they weren't actually in motion. =o) I'm curious if there was a setting that would have helped or if I just didn't keep my hand steady enough.

Just a fun action one. I like the shadow and her bouncy dress. I played around with cropping. Any suggestions to make it tighter but not lose the distance? I like that she's relatively small.

Okay, that's my first post. I love playing along but I know I have a LONG way to go. =o) Thanks for looking! I'd love to hear your suggestions.


Sharon said...

Yay for your first post! #1 looks like soooo much fun!! We haven't bee snowmobiling in forever and of course there's not enough snow to go tubing:( Maybe tone down the snow a tad, it is a little bright:)

#2 - LOVE the idea. The blur is likely from a slow shutter speed. Try it again with a faster shutter speed and you will probably get the look you are going for:) Although I have found out that it is hard to nail focus on the swing. Maybe someone else has a suggestion for that:)

#3 - So CUTE! It definitely tells a story and makes me want SUMMER!!! Is this an in camera crop? If there is more room on the left I would leave more room on that side and crop closer on the right. Does that make sense?

Nice job! Can't wait to see more!!

Kristen said...

Yeah, on #3 I wish I could slide the whole thing to the left but that's where I took it at. I played around with cropping in on the right, but it brought her too close and lost some of the effect. It's good to know I was TRYING to do what you would do. =o)

Kristen said...

ps - My #1 was at the tubing hill near Pomerelle. Call me if you want directions. It's perfect and FREE! I'll post today on my blog.

Amber Carter said...

I love #1! Looks so beautiful, I like how bright it is too.

Amy N. said...

Awesome action Kristen!
#1 I don't mind the brightness of the snow so much it makes the orange stand out that much more. If you were to print this picture you might see more of a problem as there wouldn't be anything printed where the white white is, but just to look at on the computer I LIKE! I love your leading lines and how you composed the shot. I love that your eye flows through the picture, but you never wonder what the subject is.
#2) on the contrary I LOVE that the flowers are blurred, this is a good example of a panning shot, this is how she would have seen the grass/flowers makes you feel like you are in the swing and not watching the swing. I love that her motion is stopped. Your ss was slow and if you wanted to do it again with the flowers in focus you could set your camera to a mode where you can control your ss and make sure it is about 200.
3) oh there is so much I really like about this picture, her smallness, her shadow, the movement! I do wish there was a little more room above her shadows head, and I wish the tree shadow wasn't there. The likes out weigh the wishes and I think this is a keeper for sure!