Thursday, January 6, 2011

Another Blue...

Because my ultimate goal is to take better pics inside my house and because I think he is so cute in his superman shirt:)...
What I learned...
-I still can't get Tate to show his real smile for the camera. This is probably the closest I have come but its still not it.
-If I roll up my blinds, instead of just opening them I get LOTS more light. There was still a little bit of a yellow cast on the left side of his face (camera right) but that was easy to remove.
f2.8 ss 1/160 iso 800
-This one I just pulled him away from the couch and shot from above to remove all the distractions in the bg. Our tv is big and I don't think it makes a very good backdrop. :)
-Looking at it now the color still seems a little off??? Guess I still need to work on that :)
f2.8 ss 1/200 iso 800

Not portrait worthy but definitely better than most snapshots inside my house.


Amy N. said...

very cute. I don't normally like up above shots but since I know you don't do it very often I really like them here! (Colt has a superman shirt too-our boys are getting too big!)
I think the color looks pretty good. Although the second one is a little more red than the first if they were posted separately I probably wouldn't notice.

Amber Carter said...

The first one turned out cute! He does look pretty super in his superman shirt! :)

Sharon said...

Amy, just curious... Why don't you like up above shots??

I am bummed about this shirt. I thought it was so cute (and cheap) at Target. This was the first time he wore it so I washed it now it is about 2 sizes too small!! :( I guess he's done with that one.