Saturday, January 29, 2011

Finishing up the Action Shots...

There was one more shot I really wanted to get and I didn't want to procrastinate it into next week and when I saw the boys outside playing I knew I had to take the opportunity while I had it. My kids are really cooperative when it comes to shots like this, which is really nice :)

Here I just combined the two so I don't hog up too much space :)

Settings on these were f2.8 ss 1/400 iso 100
shot with my 50mm

This is my panning shot that I really wanted to get and since my boys aren't world record fast on their bikes;) I had Lan jump on the four wheeler so I could get what I wanted. I told Ryley he could ride if he would look at me and wave as they went by:)
Settings: f6.3 ss 1/80 iso 100


Amber Carter said...

The four wheeler picture is so cool! Love that Ryley was waving for the picture.

Also, the action shots of the boys throwing and kicking the ball are fun too. The combined picture does kind of make it look like Ryley has kicked the ball into Lan and made him arch forward though! :)

Kristen said...

Ooh, I like panning!