Wednesday, January 26, 2011

better late than never right?

every time I would go into my bathroom know...I would think about this assignment and feel like a bad student for not getting it in, so to appease my guilty conscience I am turning it in anyways.

oh my bathroom, has seen better a days that is for sure! For those that don't know I live in my grandma's house, the house where my mom grew up, the house that was OLD then. We tried to figure out how old this house was one day and the closest we could come up with is that it is over 110 years. It is a pioneer house at it's finest! So when taking these pictures I was trying to take pictures that might mean something to me on that sad, sad day when it is knocked to the ground and a new house is built on its dust.
at one time the bathroom was pink, and it was pink until long after all her kids (including my rough-tough cowboy uncles) moved out. It makes me laugh, if you ever had the privilege of knowing my grandpa or my uncles you would laugh too. There is NOTHING pink about those men and I am surprised they put up with the pinkness. It has been painted over, but there are a few spots that over time have worn off the blue overcoat and the pink is showing through a bit. The door knob is one of those spots. I kinda wish that the door knob itself was a little more focused, but at the time I was really trying to bring the focus to the pink...
1/250 f2.5 ISO 200 and I bounced my flash
in a house that NONE of the bedrooms have working lights the bathroom has 2
1/400 f2.5 ISO 200 bounced my flash
I feel privileged to have original art aka junk with a functional use as our towel rack...I won't show you the TP holder (it is a piece of OLD wood)
alright this one is not old nor does it tell the stories of this old house, but it is our most reliable clock in the house, as long as we remember that it is an hour fast. It is the only clock that did not get changed with the time change, and now if we did I am sure we would be late to everything! In a few months we will have to remember that it is actually the correct time. :) \
1/200 f4.0 ISO 200 flash bounced

There are quite a few patches of cool texture in our bathroom as well-the box that holds our towels has the coolest wood top with awesome texture, and then there is the has been painted over so many times, worn off and painted again that the texture is very cool there too, but since those aren't fun pictures I wanted to do something fun with them...I give you texture overlays...

just grabbed some old pictures really fast and opened my textured images copied and pasted them onto the picture changed my layer mode to overlay (I also usually like softlight too) and voila I do erase the texture off their skin so they don't look mottled and sickly
wood texture


Sharon said...

What a cool bathroom! Not very many people can say that their bathroom is 110 years old! :) My favorite is the bath towel rack, very cool! I like those textures too. Someday I am going to play around with them, now that I actually know how to use them:)

Amber Carter said...

That is a cool idea! Texture overlay, I never would have thought...