Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gettin' In Another Blue...

...gotta hurry before the week is gone. This really isn't anything blue, but it is a look I have worked a LONG time to achieve on my own. I love that it is kinda hazy with a subtle blue look to it. I absolutely LOVE it on girls with blue eyes. It doesn't work on every picture though-of course who would want every picture to look the same? Thought I would share, and since I don't use the ever popular Photoshop (gasp-I know!) I am going to put up screen shots of my curves so you can achieve a similar look if you want.
starting with your blue channel...keep the line straight but bring down/up the points
in the green channel create a very slight curve down in the highlights (upper half of the line)
in the red channel create a small dip in the midtones (middle of the line)
and then for a little extra umph and contrast pull down very slightly in the shadows (bottom half of the line) and then back up even less a little further up the line.
the before and after...I like but feel free to tell me you don't if you don't :)

no to start thinking about the bathroom...oh joyous I think I better clean it first


Amber Carter said...

You use the same program I use. I love it. I've never figured out how to use this feature before though. I'm going to have to try this. Although, I would have to say I prefer the warmer colors in the first to the colder colors in the second.

Amy N. said...

I love this program and will most likely never switch to photoshop (so much cheaper too). I use curves all the time, but it is a bit tricky to get at first. You know I keep going back and forth on this baby picture too. I like it with the blue, but like it warm too...must be dependent on my mood ;)
hope you get a camera soon!

Sharon said...

What a cool trick! Thanks for sharing! :) I can't decide which one I like better... I like them both for different reasons.

Amy N. said...

that is my conclusion too sharon!