Monday, January 31, 2011

Bath Time!!

So like I said in the theme post I saw a series of photos that someone did, highlighting her kids' bath time. I tried to find it again so I could post a link but I couldn't, sorry. Anyways, I know that mine need some work but I do feel like I came away with some fun photos that I will cherish for a long time, thus progressing in my goal to take more pics of my kids in the winter :)

I wish I had a white tub with white walls and a beautifully lit bathroom, of which I have none. I have a beige tub with green walls, and although my lighting isn't terrible it isn't great. I would have liked to have shot with him facing more towards the window to get more light in his eyes but I couldn't figure out how to do it without blocking most of the light. The color I felt was off in some so I took the easy way out and turned them black and white. Of course this was after I started editing them thus the inconsistencies. I think the series would flow better if they were all one or the other, but some I liked in color and others in b&w...

Even though it doesn't look like there is a body attached to his cute little head, I still like it. I wanted to get the feel of look over the side of the bathtub at his level.

What's a bath without a rubber ducky :)

I know you have all heard me say that this kid LOVES his dad but this series really shows it. I had to really coax the half smiles that I got out of him previous to this but all his dad had to do was poke his head around the corner and he was immediately all smiles, so I was able to get these :)
Settings were f2.5-2.8 ss1/160-1/200 iso 400-640

I thought it would be fun to document it from pre-bath to out of the tub BUT after he had been in for a few minutes and I wanted to look through all the cute shots I'd been able to get thus far, I pushed play on my camera and got a message "NO CARD!!!" I am such a blond sometimes!! So note to self... make sure there is a card in your camera BEFORE you start shooting!


Kristen said...

CUTE CUTE! We do have a white tub and white walls but I'm pretty sure that's not going to help me enough. =o) Can't wait to do it though.

Amber Carter said...

I think the camera should have a feature to let you know it isn't saving your photos when you take them w/o a card!! I love this idea, and Tate made a great subject. Soooo cute! Love his smile. My favorite is the one in the towel at the bottom. He is adorable!