Monday, January 24, 2011

Catching Up...

Since I was a total slacker last week I am hopefully going to catch up and get all the "shots" I wanted to do this week:) Here are mine so far...

I wish I would have had him face me so I could see his face. I only took a couple of them flipping and this was the only one in focus. I tried focusing before they flipped, trying to get them in the focus and not the background. However, I must have refocused because the focus fell on the trees in the bg and not on the boys.

Hmmm... I think he didn't get the memo that it is still winter!!
All of the above jumping ones were f3.5 ss 1/1000 iso 100

These ones I tried to do an effect called panning... I think the subject has to be moving faster than they could go on their bikes:) I am still going to try it later in the week but I thought I would post these anyways since these technically are still "action" :)
f3.5 ss 1/800 iso 100

This is one I tried the other day... This is just one showing more motion I guess :) When I couldn't get the original look I was going for I tried a slower shutter speed but since it was so bright outside I had to raise my f-stop really high in order to get the slower ss.

f20 ss 1/40 iso 100


Amber Carter said...

My favorite is the one of Lan jumping. Love that expression! LOL!

Amy N. said...

these are fun picks, and I am with over winter!! So a couple of things:
You said you had a hard time with focus...1) make sure you are using AI Servo as it will track your subject better. You could also try increasing your fstop, at the distance you are from your subject you really aren't going to get great background blur at any fstop with distance and by increasing your f-stop you increase your chance of nailing your focus. Your ss could have gone down to 400 easily and still stopped all the motion, allowing your fstop to be higher.
As for panning if you use a ss of 1/800 your subject is going to have to be moving pretty darn fast-I bet even you couldn't ride a bike fast enough :) you might be able to pan a car driving down your street and get the panning effect with that ss. Your second attempt was much better. Panning usually requires a slower ss and even though you have to raise your fstop you will still get awesome background blur because of the motion.
I really like your second panning shot and love the stopped motion of the tramp shots. Way to get caught up...still working on it myself!